Cleanroom Supply

  • Cleanroom Autoclvable Tools
  • Cleanroom Chair & Stool
  • IPA & Related Products
  • Wipes - Sterile & Non Sterile And Sticky Mat
  • Writing Accessories & Sterile Tape
Autoclavable A4 Paper
A4 & A5 Autoclavable Spiral Pad
Sterile Writing Pen
Sterile Permanent Marker
S S Autoclavable Writing Pad & Ball Pen
Sterifold - Anti - Microbial Document Holder
Sterifold - Anti - Microbial Document Folder
Sterile Vinyl Cleanroom Tape
70% Sterile IPA + 30% WFI In Bag In Bottle Spray
70% Sterile IPA + 30% WFI Wipe In Resealable Pouch
Autoclavable Spray Bottle For Sterile IPA
Autoclavable Touchless Dispenser For Sterile IPA
Steritool - Adjustable Wrench
Steritool - Hammer
Steritool - Hemostat Forceps And Tweezers
Steritool - Knives
Steritool - Nut Drivers
Steritool - Screw Driver With Nylon Handle
Steritool - Screwdrivers Parallel tip, Phillips, Square (Robertson type)
Steritool - Tool Rail & Clips
Chair With Cushion
Polyurethane Chair
Cleanroom Stool
Stool For Lab & Pharmacy
Non Woven Wipe
Melt Blown PP Wipe
2 Ply Polyester Wipe
Sterile Polyester Wipe - ISO Class 4
Sterile Sponge Wipe
Non Sterile Polyester Wipe - ISO Class 4 Compatible
Sticky Mat